1997 Collection
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He's a company man, his days are part of someone else's plan
You gotta understand, that he's a company man
He's a company man, give him some slack when you can
You gotta understand, that he's a company man

The grind's a grain of sand piled one on another
Look back on a mountain pulled together
Balanced before the earthquake takes it
These separate days can make or break it

He's a company man, ...

Ripped apart, it's nothing much
The hidden system's blind to the touch
Made from day to day by hand
Even his dreams have the company brand

He's a company man, ...

He missed the morning glories open again
In a building with no windows, time has no refrain
Sometimes I wish it'd stop
But it's not lonely there, even on the top

He's a company man, ...

Copyright 1984 Caroline Abbitt Sauer