1997 Collection
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Wasted night time passing through me
Soundless suffering in a silent sea
I slept solid on the dark night sky
Like a bird with a flock sail I

Night wind song is singing
There are no words, but just this tune
Your solidity lies as you take to the sky
And grackle brown becomes a rainbow sound

But back to the line in the grocery store
And the line in my face tell me it's been one more
Survival of the fittest in this day to day today
There's so much to touch and a lot to pay

Day wind song is singing
With words without a tune
Infinity flies like a bird brained lie
And grackle brown becomes solid ground

I'm looking for a pattern in a tattered world
It's an endless task for a tired girl
Just another grackle in the yard
Squawking and strutting, afraid I'll get fired

For sailing on a night wind
For dreaming up this tune
For looking like a loon and tripping on the moon
'Cause it's round, and tonight is grackle brown
                                and tonight is grackle brown

Copyright 1984 Caroline Abbitt Sauer