1997 Collection
June 1983
w/ Tony Airoldi - Guitar
Jerry Barnett - Drums
Charles Sauer - Bass

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August 1973

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night is warning


Time goes by for me so very slowly
Take the time to watch the candles melt away
Wonder in the power of the fire
There's a secret hidden right there in the flame

Imagine that: it's so breezy here in heaven
It's so easy with the flicker in the flame

I do recall when I was younger I would wonder
Why do the poets dream of yesterday?
We cannot notice in the minutes we are changing
Until the eyes of our tomorrows meet today's

Imagine that: it's so early in the morning
And the night is just a warning of the day

One day I thought of how the time would come with you here
When we could laugh and share our beer and songs and souls
And ain't it strange the way it really happened?
I hope you have this as a memory when you get old

Imagine that: Aren't you glad to be remembered
That we're in this thing together in our separate ways

Copyright 1984 Caroline Abbitt Sauer