1997 Collection
w/ Tony Airoldi - Guitar
Jerry Barnett - Drums
Charles Sauer - Bass

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Take out your magic marker
And wipe your slate clean
Sign on the dotted line and take your time
With what the small print means
You got to try and tie it in
But if it don't, it won't, in fact
Don't tie it in knots, just
Pick it up and see if it will stack

One thing I've always known for some time
You gotta get on with things and leave them behind
Once you take off, it's all you can hack
To just keep on movin', just throw it in the back
You gotta keep on movin', you gotta keep on movin',
You gotta keep on movin', just throw it in the back

These guys will leave you high and dry
On a pile of me, oh, my's
I got so many regrets in my relationships
It would bring down a cloud from the sky
Who said its better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all in fact
Didn't know the way I felt the next day
When you said keep on movin' (just throw it in the back)

Some people got an apartment
Some people got a position to maintain
Me I got this whole damn song
With three or four refrains
If it's here today then gone down the crack
There's got to be another way to look at that
The obscene in between extra extract
Is gonna pile up on you baby and bring on a heart attack

Copyright 1984 Caroline Abbitt Sauer