1997 Collection
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Recorded January 1995
w/ Tony Airoldi - Guitar
Jerry Barnett - Drums
Mike Maddux - Accordian
Bertie Pearson - Conga
Charles Sauer - bass

Lady of the Highway
Our Lady of the Highway

Oh Lady of the Highway, Mother of the Road
I signed on your white line to watch the miles unfold
And every passing home front, glittering at night
Calls out to warn me tonight, daylight’s in sight

Just around the corner, at the journey’s end
Many miles between us, stacking up again
When you see my headlights, in the dawning sky
Promise me tomorrow will come and I’ll go on

Once we were fearless, once we were young
Nothing could stop us, we were that strong
Wisdom will hurt you, dress you in pain
My Lady before me, please find me again

Oh Lady of the Highway in a tattered dress
Yesterday’s reminders dug lines in your face
But everyone who sees you becomes a child again
We go on together, old friend, we meet again

Copyright 1995 Caroline Abbitt Sauer