1997 Collection
December 1973 recording
   w/ Charles Sauer - bass

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Slower Version (August 73)

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City of Austin Extra-Territorial Jurisdictions

You must not know how hard
I tried to be the one who you would tell your truth
I saw your burning fire
It filled me with desire to have your powers, too
You just laughed at me
You treated me so free, just like I was a joke
And then your fire would fade
I'd be caught in the shade, rememberin' your smoke

How could you leave the things
In which your love light brings about your brightest day?
Or throw away
All of those fine todays, they're never far away?
You think you've had it rough
But you're not tough enough to hear the music play
So I'm leaving this song
But you won't hear it long, 'cause I'll be on my way

Try to remember the stuff,
It wants to eat you up, I hope you get away
You are the only one
To get your business done, you'll be alone some day
I'm gonna do my best
To get some happiness, you do just what you can
I think that Austin's not big enough
For two like you, you're such a lonely man

Copyright 1984 Caroline Abbitt Sauer