1997 Collection
. Get MP3 night off


You got the night off
Strip off your straight suit
Trying to get loose
Without a law suit
Ah, Ah, can't throw off that pressure

You got the night off
Have just a few drinks
Can you dance?
What do you think?
Got a twitch?
Or did you wink?
Ah, Ah, can't throw up that pressure

It's amazing to me that the road is still free
There's a reason I happened to mention
I've a feeling that I have known you before
In a past life I was a railroad station

You got the night off
Turn off the T.V.
Looking to sight see
To be or not be
Ah, Ah, can't turn off that pressure

Tedium time till
Youth like your drink spills
Print out like the light bill
Mid-life entice still
I'll give you all my hard earned cash
If you'll just take this pressure

Copyright 1984 Caroline Abbitt Sauer