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Ode to Geeks (One Error Message)

One error message on line it's a land mine in real time.
But it's easy to fix you romantically fondle the keys.
Intrinsically linked to the heart of the company
You got in touch with the start of eternity;;;
Aah, that's me, aah, that's me.

What ever happened to all those tubes in the TV (????)
They ground them to sand and then neatly they wash out to sea.
They melt in a hurry but listen they glisten and fizzle on inside of me.
Oh, I see, yes, I see.

So you got all your ducks in a row and you know how they go.
There's a place where they fix you old teckies but where would it be?
As the Sun brightly sets on a beautifully ordered but explosive mean line of code...
It's banality, at the edge of reality.

Copyright 1998 Caroline Abbitt Sauer