1997 Collection
w/ Jerry Barnett - Drums
Charles Sauer - Bass

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Oh, Jo Carol, what can I say
You know I borrowed your Rhodes and I'm sad to say
Jerry Lee Lewis would lose his sox
If he heard "Great Balls of Fire" on a music box

Oh, Jo Carol, that Fender Rhodes
Is like an ice cream truck with a heavy load
Oh, Jo Carol, that Fender Rhodes, shucks,
It's like playing rock and roll on an ice cream truck

I've got a baby grand at home
And I dust it off with pride
It looks real good and sounds real big
With Bach and all them guys
But I can't haul it around too good
You know it weighs about a half a ton
And it's too wide to get through them doors
It'd fall apart and that ain't much fun

Oh, Jo Carol, ...

One of these new fangled keyboard things
With lights and numbers, too
A synthesizer and those that fake a piano
Cost a million or two
Now if I had that kind of money I wouldn't be here
The weather is good in the south of France this time of year
So I borrowed this Fender Rhodes from Jo Carol
And I'm telling you true, it's got me over a barrel

Oh, Jo Carol, ...

I'm trying to remember this music's a toy
To have with your drink (oh boy)
And to look a gift horse in the mouth
On a merry-go-round is so gauche
But I must admit that the tone makes me groan
Makes me moan, makes me want to go home
And I understand that this is a normal
Rock and roll keyboard for gnomes at the Astrodome

Oh, Jo Carol, ...

Copyright 1984 Caroline Abbitt Sauer