1997 Collection
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It's right there in front of you
You can call it what you want to
Coincidence, it could be deja vu
Look the other way if you want to

Your memory could be hiding away
You might forget and remember some day
It's too late to drop out
But drop me a line if you figure it out

Every week day's long and hard
Trying to get done so you don't get fired
Even if you're some big shot
You could get burned if you're too damn hot

It's right there in front of you...

Take the big brass ring if its in your way
But save your love for someone else not your toys. They may
Get swept under the rug.
Can you face yourself when your smile is that smug?

It's right there in front of you...

You're like a crossword puzzle on a men's room wall
Trying on a new day, but they're all too small
I think I smell a rat in the race
You got money in the bank but a frown on your face

It's right there in front of you...

Copyright 1984 Caroline Abbitt Sauer