1997 Collection
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A wave comes crashing on the shore
The ocean's on its tail
The night is bright around us
We sit and just inhale
The salt air sings of timelessness
We've got the moon on, too
And each and every star in sight
Is watching me and you

With such an audience as this
We must not blow our cue
Our concentration and concern
Is now with what is true
And suddenly the time is right
For action and romance
We jeté parallel beside
The great sea's surge and dance

The wind has taken off our cares
The sea gulls egg us on
Our laughter cannot be heard
Above the mighty drone
And all those things that fill our lives
-- An unimportant list
Are like the rocks and shells beneath us
When compared to this

The bank will forclose on our looks
The Oilers just might win
The Russians might land on this beach
And start this song again
But we who have possessed this kind
Of momentary chance
Continue and remember when
We watched the sea shore dance

Copyright 1984 Caroline Abbitt Sauer