1997 Collection
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Recorded December 1973
w/ Charles Sauer - bass

ACS portrait


Southern Belle, I know you well
Time and only you can tell
If they got you hypnotized
To believe the things you do
Living in a lonely cell
Wishing to a wishing well
Throw your pennies down to Hell
The reflection in the water is you

Look into your sorry eyes
Deep down you know they are wise
Though they've known their own disguise
They've seen a lot of good
Maybe they're the only ones
To recognize the things they've done
And start to change, you've just begun
But if you only would

Roads and ways that have dead ends
Turn around and start again
But without the sufferin'
If you would learn them well
This is simple as it seems
It came to me in a dream
I hope you know what I mean
I know you well, Southern Belle

Copyright 1984 Caroline Abbitt Sauer