1997 Collection

February 1975

w/ Richard Finnell - Washboard
Paul Gallagher - Fiddle
Leon Grizzard - Guitar
Charles Sauer - Harp

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May 1973

w/ Charles Sauer - Harp

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Sweet Baby Blues

Well you wake up in the morning, you're so down, you're so down
Tryin' just to get your coffee to go down
Turn on the radio, just to hear some news
And you know what it looks like, today you go on strike,
Today you got your sweet baby blues

And you can't face the mirror though a kind smile is in style
Try hard to cheer you, get a sweet grin to turn in
Thinkin' of distractions, maybe dope or booze,
Say you know what they taste like, got nothing to dislike
Today you got your sweet baby blues

And the weather is all grey, rain go on go away
Can't get my work done without my friend red sun
I need a vacation, an ocean goin' cruise
I go sailin' on my bike, the streets'll be just right
For sailin' on my sweet baby blues

So come and go with me, I'm askin' so sweetly
Together we'll can have fun and hide from old red sun
Don't ask for my ticket, I haven't paid my dues
But the clock on the wall says "just follow what's ahead"
And look into my sweet baby blues

Copyright 1973 Caroline Abbitt Sauer