10. Return of Betty Jane

When last I left the ‘Betty Jane and Foxie’ story line, it was unclear if she ( Betty Jane ) had found her “Monday pantie’s” or if she had turned into some sort of an apolitical, apathetic and redundantly posing doll, or if she was quite simply dismayed by her far too sophisticated fashion-look. She had at one time become somewhat of a Rhastafarian, which was totally unacceptable in the State of Texas. But thankfully, she saw through the error of her ways.
Of course having been abducted by aliens can be quite disconcerting for most of us, however she did return. And with her was her old friend Foxie, an added addition of great worth to all involved. His presence inspired her to new heights of fashion awareness. I am thinking you might enjoy the following photo’s of her as she appeared upon her return:

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