2. Betty Jane Meets Little Richard and James Brown

Betty Jane     Once in the line of duty, *”Betty Jane”, my childhood’s favorite doll and clever female detective, associate of the master crime fighter of yester-year “Foxie” (see Betty Jane’s laundry day, where she “unplugs” that box thing (my old Dell Computer) and hangs up her wet laundry all over it’s parts and portals, for the tale of her reappearance in my life and consciousness.)  Although, she was basically an anarchist and my very most favorite doll, she was most insistant about  following proper protocol, amd intolerant of idiocy or things with no purpose.  She took great offense at the obviously offensive “modern Radio”, (I meant to offend you with that tedious word play) that she heard on one of those random Mp3 like programs coming from the box.   This “modern millennium ,” in her humble opinion, “sucked, big time.”

      Where was the music she craved to hear?  And what was this crap she heard when she came back “in there” , to the current time, when beside my computer in the down stairs Work Room, she once again took control? Perhaps the whole purpose of this music was to make one’s  rubber band break,  head and limbs detach and become one with the chaos of the in this junk room; if so, it ‘s working.    

      This music  was not a soothing, restful, spiritually satisfying  addition to the ambiance, that, in her* ever modest opinion, was craved.  But, I was so happy to have “Betty Jane” in the ” here and now” to discuss or repeat unnecessary truths. Having her here again was more or less a “freeing” experience to what-ever and which-ever direction things flew, as little is of no consequence to us both when we are quite busy.  However, all had changed in the absence of her participation and she was none too pleased with how this happened, regardless of mine or anyone elses wishes. In fact, the concept of the word Random, pissed her off , most assuredly.  And lets face it , yawls; ain’t nothing really too dang “random,”  that was ever picked out by this blankety blank computer, no how.   It occurred to Betty Jane that real music, involves the very human personal offering  by real live musicians (People not machines). And even letting that idiotic box-thing pick out what was to be played seemed, well…just wrong, in many ways.

     And music is something that everyone relates to, in their own way, with their own ears, a very personal  choice that has been made by the listener, for his or her needs at the time,  however dusty, germ infested, mold infested the needs or ears of said listener may be. But what she heard now, did not make her feel good.  And when  any doll or person does  not  “get” the locals’ music being played (particularly when it is being played constantly in one’s newly awakened and transferred assignment) all dolls and people tend to feel alone, maybe totally alienated from life, and truly sad.  Lets face it, right next to that Box thing which that old lady stares down for many a moment, next to Betty Jane’s person was a grown up and over the hill version, she thought, of who could be my former little girl and playmate (that would be me to whom she refers here) but who knows?  She could be an actor, that happens too.)   We are both a little “old-time” for that  music being offensively played here in her space, as far as musical history is concerned. Hasn’t she noticed this?   So, whats the point?:   Who needs that?   What we don’t need in this junk room, is something that makes you feel bad or out of it.   No way! It’s bad enough as it is. And incidently, what’s with all this “junk…”  Perhaps her “geezerly former little girl” had become  one of those hoarders, like that old lady who we used to visit in Arlington, Virginia, who had piles of newspapers and old bottles and cans in moving boxes lined up through out her house.  Role models, they’re  every where.  Too bad this dang geezerly former little girl didn’t get  transfered long ago.  All this extra stuff would be long gone,if so.   but who knows?  Time, however many days, months or years we were dis-involved together, had really changed her little girl, Caroline U. Hiney Hine.   

  Regardless of one’s surroundings:  What we want  here and now is music that’s up-lifting and familiar, that is like a warm bath on a very hot or cold day, or when we put on freshly ironed clean clothes and are prepared for the possibility of the Queen of England’s visit for tea… Frankly she was “antsy” in these surroundings. as it is said, ” who ain’t, ain’t worth knowing”. (1.>)

     She, Betty Jane, was used to the greats: Chuck Berry.  Little Richard.  Muddy Waters.  Hank Williams.  Ernie K Doe.  Ike and Tina;  (lets face it, there is an extreme difference in AM radio from the years 1951-2005 when she popped back into life.  But fortunately for her, that old lady was a familiar spirit, and she had the good sense  to play her entire collection of Koerner, Ray and Glover,which lasted about 2 hours.  Much better.  (“shake it on down” Dave Ray….) These acceptable three  musicians  are very good, and appear to be obvious maniacs -harmonizing in that magically rambunctious fugue- like rendition ( that they did in their ‘yout’) and it was Just the thing.  That’s a comforting experience for all.  We (Betty Jane and I) share an intense regard for the lyrics and cadence of language.  I feel a  sad presence now.  It  must be because Betty Jane fears she is “homeless” to some extent, as the usual music and havoc  going on in the here and now is beyond redemption. In that she surly doesn’t belong here; where the inevitability of  depression, stress, and sheer frustration, builds up in such a big way, in such a big silent and strange  house, until someone inevitably flips their lid.  Said Betty Jane: ” who needs this here?”

    By the by, the secret to a good one-on-one relationship is, often, simply making sure you take turns blowing one’s top.  Do that in such a manner as to make sure the “flip out” does not happen in duality; but if it does, it is best that the “two head explosions” not happen at the same time. Things get messy, but that’s the way it goes, life.  and all that.   OK.

   As has been Betty Jane’s and my experience, when the  “lid is flipped’, this is best described as a nervous breakdown, or can be so serious as to be suspected of being a sociopathic fit;  when what’s really going down, is merely  that ones temper is  completely lost.  The cadence is broken, and attention spans differ, no question about that;  It is normal to express your self when you  need something or someone badly and all you get is the side of a box.  I don’t care what your circumstances are or who is running the show.   Even if they look like her little girl, Caroline U Hiney Hine, it is possible but not probable that that person is she who once was that little girl.  But little girls come and go, and in this family those little girls have come, and gone, and went way over the top, and beyond the great divide for some time, as a great tradition never needs to  change, but that does not matter here.   And It is always really hard to remember a name, if It’s way too long.   Who does?   Not this doll, but some instinctual voice is telling Betty Jane that this old hag is indeed that playfully fair kid that was hers in the first place.   Sure it is.  Oh, and her little girl would answer to “Shorty Mentally.” (S.M, for short) as she was frequiently also addressed as such. 

      But whomever she is or what she was called, perhaps finally she will begin to realize she has responsibilities, that she is NOT the only person in the world.  Maybe these thoughts or  actions of a disconcerting nature, could transulate our feelings into familiar experiences that we have shared?  This is a difficult thing to do, however it is possible. The years seem just across the street when old familiar eyes connect  after a period of rest and reflection.  Like 55 years, is nothing when paired with the stone age, or when Jesus walked the earth, that was long long long ago, in a land far away. (And perfect ?  Her little girl(geezer that she is today) she aint.  Even Betty Jane “recollected” what happened to that old boy in 33 B.C.)  But we all know that.  No need to establish given facts if you believe and are patient. However 2005 years after Jesus’ birth in some way leads up to now, and fantasy is not an accepted “given” in some people or dolls. (2.)  Not everyone would know or understand this girl – doll relationship thing, anyway.  However, she will, if that really is my little personage, Caroline U Hiney Hine, of the given Jungle.  So I, the every wise and honest Betty Jane, said plainly: ” Hey, Shorty Mentally, what’s wit dis dang musack?”  Her former little girl just  focused on her old doll with her mouth open in supprise for a very long time.

     If I can just reach over and hit that “Esc” key on that new fangled typewriter, that will undoubtedly cleanse the pallet.  It is important to gain the attention of the aspergian idiot connected to this here box, with out question, before one’s point can be made with a facial expression or even an exclamation.  Betty Jane squinted her glassy eyes, and pursed her very red lips.  This is a simple procedure that can be done by anyone with the nerve to interrupt one of these fiends, so don’t try this at home unless you’re really on good terms with the computer user.

 Ah, hah! That worked: what a shocking experience, however one with results.  And look who She brought here for me to meet? :  James Brown, the hardest worker in show business, and “he feels good” too.(although he is a tad repetitive.)  So Betty Jane and James Brown had excellent company together and I am sure, will be engaged in many an odd and amusing adventure as one can imagine them to interact.  Click on the picture above for a closer view.  Notice how nice and clean Betty Jane’s clothing is today.  All is well.  Well, except for that box thing was annoying the absolute ravings out of both Betty Jane and her new friend, James Brown. 

      I noticed the plug had been pulled out of the wall when next I went down to observe their progress.  Good play, yawl… Next adventure?  who knows?

AS ever,

KayBuena  of the here and now


(1.) I said that, Caroline Abbitt Sauer  AKA     Kay Buena (who done dreamed the impossible dream one too many times.)

(2.) Betty Jane sprung into action and verbalization in 2005, after a somewhat lengthy hiatus.  She came into my life on my 4th birthday, some 35 years ago–(just kidding..Lord help us all, it’s been 58 years ago when Betty Jane arrived !aaaahhhhhhhggggg…)

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