I, the so–thought "lady" of the house, have comments to inflict, or as it is said: "friendly reminders." Here's one:

       There are at least 3 things for women to worry about as they age…especially those over 50.  (1) : don’t think your  old-make-up from yesterdays maze of happenings will pass as ”slightly and modestly applied”,  sort’ of  like: you purposefully seem a tad  rumpled–NoYou must face the mirror  even if you are an old ballet dancer unable to stike a 1st position Ballet pose, the time is Now…Too bad about the truth that you will never ever become a Ballerina:You are crippled-up, 1 artificial hip, 1 artificialpelvis and hip joint–and they are metal.  Every time I think I can take off with a grand jete`, or several across the living room floor…Dream on, says I to myself;  however as you are merely an experienced bohemian suffering the effects of a rather raucous night –as in ” I meant to look like this.    ”  —-:blaze”      Don’t be falling into that trap.that hole is so deep, it is practically Alcatraz.
     (2.)Wash up from time to time, and tend to your face,  it needs to be repainted so as to not scare small children.   It may be old,that face, but you’ve got to take the bad with the good .  Why don’t you take a bath,  or  brush your teeth, even if you don’t have time;  It  matters, both personally and socially and finally,:(3):  notice what you thought to be a massive cricket colony, is probably tintinnitis. Call off the exterminator.

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