Blue Screen-Blue Sky (song lyrics)

What can be done but agree;

The sky’s still blue, but does not see

with all our eyes- a moon so strong to

reflect electric songs,

Heard far and wide but still inside.

The lights have flashed the system’s crashed.

With nothing to say, the night’s rehashed

in black it’s hidden us at last.

Along the road, the rocks collide,

Explosions in space, toss matters aside.

Riders astride each other ride,still they waste this place in haste and hate.

While horses wait, until it’s safe, instinctively knowing to go, they escape

where we lingered there

to far and wide but still inside.

Be still the hoof that honors pride.

Can’t bargain with eternity, dealt for your mortality

if rocks have won the race.

Though we still see the stream, as the numbers fly by,

within the readout, what catches our eyes,

like rivers through this land where once waters through which we paid

we did see beauty’s trail, so tenuous and frail.

Too sumptuous to fail;

Still, far and wide but still inside

the perfect puzzle simplified we died.

It’s sound intensely magnified, drones on

and on,  it’s sanctified

By white noise nightingales, by white noise nightingales.

too sumptuous to fail, by white noise nightingales;

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