4. The Unexpected disapearance of "Betty Jane."

     Just as I was going to brag about how pretty “Betty Jane” looks,  now that her wig  is all new and nice, her “make-up” updated, and her new eyelashes make that crazy serious stare go away… She’s all better and those long missingeyelashes on where she lost them in that long ago explosion, were also replaced  adding to her whole new look.  Now, instead of a serious detective and companion, she simply looks like an old “tart”, or a woman of ill repute..  I was trying to tone it  down, only now I  think I waited too  long to please her.  I was, just sort of telling you of how I might have really acted in my usual “make-believe”, silly story manner (an act not with out  it’s own problem’s, here in this’ happy orderly’, ranch of  the rude, residence of  the Ageing Asperger’s Anonymous (that would be me,  and the whole crowd (betty Jane included) though all these things are true and good to talk about;  “Betty Jane”, it seems, done left the building.

      I have searched high and low for her.  But she’s gone, solid gone.  And when, I say I did the total inspection of all of our houses “areas, in which a 12” tall doll could  “hide” or be hidden; I mean just that.  All have been noticed and I am not pleased with my findings, however there could be some tye-in with  the local happenings out side my juresdiction, such as  there always are.  My complete shock about what was a really a bee’s nest of worries, plus the lost of my old role model Betty Jane, topped off  by the Global news, Wall Street’s inability to get back to a mid-line “irrational exuberance ” as it should be to better reflecting business, ‘stead of rumour,  All these things put together are  literally—too much.  Must have been that way for Betty Jane too, and with the additional ‘old tart’ attack on her person, it must have been the last straw. 

Dear reader, Don’t think of me as being nuts enough to really live an existence in which the doll 
was really speaking to me or anything resembleing 2 sick minds at work…but she was not furniture. She was a doll of a different sort.    All of her antics where allot more exciting than the  average life-term of a doll’s reach…

     What?  Someone mentioned her being with the Government Bureaucracy,  the Witness Protecton Agency where they took her under another name to Williamsburg, Virginia for a fresh start,  or a clean leave–  this could be an indication of her willing need for a change.   I could see how this would be a good thing,  until she can prove she can focus and take action on her own, like the ‘old days’ with me, as someone else’s doll ( and work her way into someone else’s web-blog).  But how ever you look at the facts, she is not  here in my house staring this screen down, or taunting the cats, as she should be.   I searched through absolutely every thing we’ve got.  I did a really thourogh examination of all our house’s storage area’s  (except-in the computer area’s, –hmmm…………..)

  …perhap’s I better check out this one little situation over here; OH< NO>OH

It’s Betty Jane’s  Monday Underpanties. Check this out ,youse, it’s all that’s left.

“>Betty Jane's Monday Panties

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