15. Betty Jane Finds a New Hobby

When last we left Kay Buena’s favorite doll from her first childhood, Betty Jane she had been chastised with great disdain for her meddling with the Postal Service.  This kind of thing tends to happen, but as we later figured out, She really held no guilt in the interference with the Postal Services routine.  And although, there are those among us with limited senses of humour about life’s daily occurrences, and those who want to hang out and complain about them and their place or situation in this world, these types need to be taken outside and made to form a line in the backyard starting right behind my person.  Note this sartorial statement from yours truly who complained that I was not able to play the piano easily anymore.  Well, “Big Deal”. How many people get to hang out with a cool piano like Rubin anyway? How many people even know how to play the piano.  Betty Jane was never much of a student of the Fine Arts, and as she commented “it should be enough to get to stay here” and notice that “when one is surrounded by too much to do, and not enough physical ability to get every thing done (perfectly), perhaps the best plan is to lower one”s standards”. Things could be a whole lot worse for us all.

Anyway, as noted, Betty Jane worked herself out of her box, after which she promptly stated ‘there were doll stands on sale at the discount store,so why could she not have a benign role in our lives,as after all she was just as much of a disabled dweeb as I was?’  (Good point,I agree) She refused to cease and desist with her demand, until a stand she could lean on was obtained for her comfort. She had more than made up for her offenses,if any, as a ‘rebel rouser’,and so what if she’s an old Doll?  Who in Hell is “Vampire Barbie”, or the latest ‘American Idol’ Doll, anyway? They should just wait for their 15 minutes of fame to vanish and move aside. I must admit Betty Jane was a classic, and she probably deserved the “stand” suitable for a toppling older Doll and one of those new weird Barbie-like doll’s as well.  For all is to the better with this new set-up and attitude in the study now. There are still many interesting things going on in this world and Betty Jane took to her  new look-out on Elmo the cat’s nook, overlooking the bird-feeder with great dignity and a secret smirk on her little mouth.

Thanks to her perseverance and patience,we have all enjoyed watching Elmo’s outside world.  And It is true that we still have Morning Doves here, but the black capped vitreos are supposedly already passed through to the South.  Too bad that, they have been seen to get tipsy on the fermented pyracantha berries and make a mad display in the bird bath. Always a good show indeed.  We have had some cold nights but no freezes yet. The Star Trek Action figures have taken a hike, but we now enjoy watching the real people outside as they frantically try to obtain physical fitness by walking, running and cycling outdoors by our curbside. All this before the Holidays eat the year away and a new one begins!

We have a new mail personage. Now that Mr.Miller, our infamous mail man of 18 years superlative service in our neighborhood, has been promoted.

As strange as this seems: His (the new mail personage’s) replacement’s name is Mr. Miller.

This we take as a sign,  a good one.

Caroline Abbitt Sauer  aka  Kay Buena  (Chief Birdwatcher, Managing Personal Assistant of things going awry in the night) 11-30-2011

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