In the land of the steel will, a sheer lace emotion can hold no beauty

I was a woman and sliped on a cold slick tile floor. I was in a hurry and turned quickly, only to find myself sprawled prone on the floor having broken my left forearm in several places and crushing my hand. I have been a singer-songwriter and a guitarist and piano player ‘eversince’ I can remember. Once I did that very nicely. Now, that all is “well” again, I can”t hold on to a cup with my left hand. I can hear the music and the piano is tuned. My piano’s name is Rubin. He waits in the corner of the living room, for that fool woman to come and sing “He’s go what it takes, but it breaks his heart to give it away.”
Rubin was very generious.When he was young.

KayBuena, aka Caroline Abbitt Sauer, 11-29,2011

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