Jerry added strings to My Good Friend

Today’s version with strings
Original version

Oh my good friend, I see you are troubled
I know it’s hard to get along, but you get by
You just can’t change the way the world will go tomorrow
No matter, how hard you try

Don’t get me wrong, I wish that I could know the answer
I’ve been looking for a reason to explain
The way that love becomes a thief with the possession
Of your body, your mind and your pain

Our happiness should be so easy, can’t you see it?
We should consider what went wrong when we feel pain
Our mind knows how to keep its fingers from the fire
But we just can’t keep our eyes off the flame

I know that life will always give you many blessings
There are so many reasons why you should be glad
And count the stars inside the darkness of the heavens
Oh love, please try not to be so sad

Copyright 1984 Caroline Abbitt Sauer

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