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Prelude in C Minor (Words by Caroline Abbitt Sauer) Chopin-Op.28, no.20

Sunday, March 11th, 2018

Longingly grows the tree – arms spread upwardly
To the Sun and waves to us heavenly
At the end may we leave our fears with thee – We who cherish life also cherish death.

Leave your memories with the falling leaves, all a brighter hue than the wind can do.
What we, can forget every thing we’ve met stays back with the past

More Great Joy can we take from the tree, fruit and fragrance free from sweet misery
Living harmony love we all have known – Falls like Autumn Leaves, Letters From the Lord.


Wednesday, June 29th, 2016


Morning dove, come fly to me
I will sing your harmony
‘Til the night replace the day
I will sing your song your way
Nightingale, I hear your trill
‘Neath the stars, the night is still
Gentle breeze you call to me
I will sing your harmony

‘Til the sun begin to rise
And we open sleepy eyes
Whippoorwill, your melody
Joins our song, the dove and me

Copyright 1984 Caroline Abbitt Sauer

Outlook on Bob Dylan Fallen Angels

Monday, June 13th, 2016

As a fellow singer-songwriter, it makes it sometimes harder and sometimes easier to write about someone else’s music. I feel that I have known Bob Dylan since 1963. I remember the first time I got his Freewheeling with my Dad who was not a Dylan fan then, but after a while his voice got a hold of you with his talking blues caught you somehow and forced you to listen. I never had an inkling that he could sing on the pitch, on the note as he does in this new album of his, Fallen Angels. I never had any idea that his voice would be so appealing.

I still tend to play Highway 61 Revisited when trying to get back in the spirit of starting on a new project, painting, or something less creative. I am entirely sure this new recording makes me want to sit back and remember about past relationships and wonder about those I still want to make in the future.

Mr. Dylan, in his gracious manner, has brought back into pop music, the notion of a love song. He may also bring back something that I have missed, slow dancing, which is a great way to get up close to talk to someone, a strange thing to do these days when everyone types instead of talking. The songs chosen are classic love songs, ideal for his very lovely voice, which surprised my Dad and made the songs so appealing.

These are the songs

  1. “Young at Heart”
  2. “Maybe You’ll Be There”
  3. “Polka Dots and Moonbeams”
  4. “All the Way”
  5. “Skylark”
  6. “Nevertheless”
  7. “All or Nothing at All”
  8. “On a Little Street in Singapore”
  9. “It Had to Be You”
  10. “Melancholy Mood”
  11. “That Old Black Magic”
  12. “Come Rain or Come Shine”

More than anything this means to me that anyone, especially Bob Dylan, can always reinvent themselves, as we get older. This seems as dramatic a shift as when he went from folk to electric at Newport in 1965. He came to Austin in ’65, too. I remember the people then who walked out when he brought out The Band, but I was one of the ones who stayed. I loved his change then, and I love this now!


Friday, December 19th, 2014

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I remember how I followed you
It seemed you knew the way
We visited those secret streets
Where lovers stop and stay
But time wore out the love we had
Until it wasn’t there
As I walk on alone tonight
I think of what we shared

You said you were upset by the truth
But I looked into your diamond eyes
And saw confusion too
It took me years to figure out
What you always knew
Some day I’d have a different point of view

I’ve studied and I’ve stumbled on
To different things since then
I’ve tried to keep my temper down
My heart is on the mend
I’m learning to pipe down when I have
Nothing more to say
You laugh, but I’m much better off today

Some times I get distracted by
The day to day routine
Then turn around and wonder what
The hell does it all mean
But you know that and all I’ve got
To say then
Is I remember you and how you were when

Copyright 1984 Caroline Abbitt Sauer