Maui Time

This morning, I’m living on Maui time
I got tropical breezes blow through the bougainvillea vine
Lost in a dream, sunscreened and blind
Jet lagged tourists all waiting in line
Might be one o’clock there but actually it’s just about nine


I’m gonna sit on the verandah and drink myself a Mai Tai
I’m a sunburned Haole, no one knows that better than I
I got the smile on my face of a person who knows
I got a front row seat when Kilauea blows
This morning I’m living on Maui time

We got fresh Kona coffee, there’s a place beside a big palm tree
Where tropical birds fly high across a turquoise sea
Jet lagged tourists all wait in a line
For the sky to turn purple suits ‘em just fine
This morning I’m living on Maui time

Copyright 1995 Caroline Abbitt Sauer

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