YESTERDAY,on FACEBOOK, I tried to post too Long of an explanation to an Incredibly Obtuse Question (and what was edited was even worse)

Remind me that FaceBook clings to your hands and won’t let go if you have a “smart” phone, but is full of generation X,Y and Z-ers, people too involved with anything and everything except realitiy, history,or logic- to pay alot of attention to anything but his or her navel. Yet I had a really good ‘rant’ going and I didn’t want to waste it. Here is or was my point: the “War” in the Middle East, in which our troops have been involved since Bush 43’s Administration, has really been going on for thousands of years. But what all these “sit- ins” (or what ever they call it these days) & these purposeful protesters are missing, as yet again they take over yet another building is: This war is about too many people (an ever growing population) fighting over Terrorism,Territory, Power,and Supremacy, to say nothing of natural resources. But first and foremost, our Allies, although I am betting that some of the these Facebookers, the younger crew, are not even aware of what that means (and these days the status of who are the USA Allies? is a complex issue); but many of these Countries are yet again fighting for their very lives and homes, and we (the USA) are obligated to help them do that in some form. Afghanistan, Egypt,Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iraq,and Jordon are among our Allies: are they not? ‘Search that, I did, and what I discovered was different than what I had though.

Yes, this war we are helping to fight has been going on for thousands of years in that same part of the World. Yet now, we hope and pray. that our presence there, along with our advanced technological weaponry and our truly finely trained soldiers might effect that area of Planet Earth in a way that the last couple of thousands of years could not do.

WWII had clearly defined enemies: the German Nazis and the Japanese.That it did not last longer than it did was due to the tenacity and the “sheer-D” guts of our American Troops and our Allies, and the deterrents provided by  a couple of Humongous Bombs in Japan.You may think of this as a cliche, however our true enemies in both of these long lasting Wars have been the same: Terror and Tyranny, and how do we stop those.

Please note that many of my best friends are young, street smart, and self-educated and/or curious as to History and Governmental issues. That’s a lot different than the group I inadvertainly described in the first of this blog. Also, as I have become somewhat of a “Facebook addict”, that is prof that many users of Facebook certainly are not young.

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