Grey Hazey Summer Days, Grey Hazey Dummer Ways

     There are times when even the most selfishly lonely of us become all and out bummed by long tedious hot and mostly rainy days like today in Austin, Texas–as anywhere, there is the  short termed joy of the unlikely good of each day.  And then, there is the look-into-it-a-little-closer and realize, say, that the siding is ripped off of the back side of the house, and all this wet stuff comes soaking inside and lands like a mud puddle on pudding, and no one’s there but me to clean it up.  And today, I am caught in some sort of a inertia-like need  to simply sit and express my ineptitude, instead of just plain old– get down and dirty-doing it; What ever it is that needs to be done.  And one look around the Sauerosa says,’ girl, get off your old fat ass and work. The maid ain’t gonna show and the creek is gonna rise, for sure. ‘ 

     ” Things do pile up,” but this is beyond ridiculous ,and today there is no one here to laugh with or at me.  It’s just me and (ironically enough) this damn computer screen trying to develop a lasting relationship, which is doomed from the start.  It smells fear, and reacts accordingly, with a unfazed receptive non-disclosure contractual attitude that makes things seem ever so much worse than they could possibly be.  And the ever present, non -emotional, but never friendly drone, that is heard every where here, that comes from this and all it’s brothers through-out the house; But rules as King in the study here.  It calls to the ants. It passes for “ringing in the ear…” and I will stop before it does.  Sometimes, I sing to myself to over-ride it’s distracting haze.  I am thinking and hoping, that somewhere in front of someone’s desk top, is a person like me.  having a hard time ignoring the sound, and this modern blather it brings with it, and that person is also blaming  all of their troubles, stacked neatly, and rationally, one upon the other, on and over the top of this persistence and pestering promiscuous intrusion on one’s privacy.  Do you hear it?

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