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5. But why? And with out your Monday Pantie

Thursday, February 19th, 2009
Betty Jane's Monday Panties
Betty Jane’s Monday Panties

Betty Jane, you left your Monday panties, And it’s Thursday.  Is it always Monday where you are?  Guess what; same here. 

     So what happened wit youse? I mean most dolls tend  to return, when they take a hike.  I would be glad you’re (?) back, (somewhere–out there)   but much like Sherlock Holmes, you always  are who you disguised yourself as when last you changed roles– for a long  while afterwards.   Aren’t you?

    My hope is your Reality meter is clicking in, My other hope is that you are not one with the universe, that’s so tough to live happily afterwards, if you’re close; let me continue to ask the missing and menacing doll “Betty Jane” (an “Ideal Doll”, the old company, for what ever reason, you might like to have that in your memory once again, if not?  Some suck eggs.  Who cares about sanity when some jerk is playing a long Bass non-solo upstairs that makes the author of this silly intrusion wish for white noise.

    By the way;  Are you the one who hit those Commie Info sites> ?  Eh?  (Those clearly estupido jerks who would rather wait in line all day than do something productive) all youse need to wake up and smell de’  Coffee; There’s this nice little cliche, though not to be ignored as it is complex and three part true problem we all face every day of our lives: (1.) “What’s with: Cause and Effect? (1.)which came first?”  (3} And will it never end?”   But I am in digression as perusal.

      I’ll get your mug shot.  You’re the only one with my password, ‘cept me.  (Don’t say it, I know.) That comp nerd in residence knows all and sees all and seeks vengeance if reprimanded.

       Your new fashion direction, and surgeries  was an attempt I made to please you.  It was meant to make you feel and look better.  It was not a personal slam, and you shouldn’t take it so personal. you’re the one who hadn’t changed clothes in about 47 years, you were never an endorsement for high hygiene standards, but what the heck?  As you age your interests differ.  However, in your case (being locked in an old wizzelely moldy trunk for so long. Not at all and the rest of it could have been worse. I didn’t know the other dolls were all dead in there but you .  I am sorry, but my life hasn’t been a picnic lately either.
  You are just depressed because you look and feel (and think)  so young , and really you are probably considered an antique, as you are almost as old as I am, you’re all grown up and awkwardly anchient Caroline U. Hineyhine.  And there were times when my beauty service-changes were seemingly brutal as it might have seemed to some who didn’t figure she was a doll or some molded old style plastic- rather hard to the touch, but tough enough to have servived her 58 years of hard traveling existence. Or perhaps they have not been lucky enough to see her “before” and “After ” portraits, Either. But the people who aren’t taking into account this is a Doll we’re addressing as though entirely real, yet she is stuck in a time-space-continuum problemary action, from my voung childhood. However that was meant to please you, and sort of went wack on you, but who knows?  Madame Alexander>?  Unexpectedly your new get up has become central to your new assignment.  Well, it’s your life.  You could just walk out of there. 

   Don’t look now, but Social security these days is starting to mean being cofident of interactingand/or seeing allot of old hungry farts like you and I,  broke as a joke and huttled together in angst.    And note that we’re mid flight;  not there yet (for sure)… I’m looking for the “before” pictures we took during your makeover.  Will send on to you… (and the rest of whom ever  It’s not too late.  Normal is as normal falls.  We’ll even dispense with the big hair…?