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Weird we're…?

Friday, July 18th, 2008

     I’m so padantic, they fine me for stuff like that.  And who woud not  (ah, yoda again, so soon…)

i’m a wrtrectk.  I’m fallin apart body part, by body part;  And it  aint[ no fun, no how. I’m weary of wondering if what i do is real?  Why is it such toruble?i  t wouldn’t   have to be . I don’;t even think this things too far out there., PLease just rememeber your dealing with a phychologically-changedened challendged ‘Ortist type, who thinks she’s still a musician, who am too  old- school  as to not interest  even her, the wrtectk. I Jus out to warn yehh that, we’s in a higher plan of perversitiy in our musical interests.  I don’t know if I can sing the ‘ chopin, d minor, meditation;  The pitch would kill a couple of small dogs, but I sang it fair near to adequate, for tracks over dubed and mutli haromey vocals, ect,  solo’s… This is realy simpley Hard rock, packed up locked and then out -only enough for a couple of it to notice at the same time.  This might have an appeal to all. I hope. luch should be included to you as served by my  pointy boys; mainly my Yoa ming Siamesea kittie ad Charles, who wouldnt  stay more than 2 minutes off schedual  (his…to hwich any other suggestion of action taken or made do , by us two.  Then I gots a couple of fine tunes 1Merle Haggard’s. ” Silver Wings” ; I have an extra verse I hope he likes.  Charles cousins’ BF got a link from him not too long ago…mybe he[ll use that verse to bring that back.. He’s the one to do that, the rest just plunged into my inner being, with no excuse.  See you tomorrow.

 don’t take it real seriojusly- better it be amusing.  If sanility is in the cards yol'[‘ just have to pictch in and fix it.  I’m better between all of us, we couled get real iight on a couple of songs by Bob Marlay, ‘One Cup of Coffee and I’ll go.”  It’s so semmingly seriously interesting , as in the marketing of same;  so i’m a tad demented, you’;d be too if twas you had had my life so far…I ‘ve seen the bootem of the cement clank, in psyc. watch…they have me pegged.   If Any thing terns out plasible, lets send it to Tony Glover;  I know this old boy whats; name am Powel St. John, who plays with soem fine frineds of my I speck.  Heck, maybe wE”ll send it to Tony Glover.  I knew that old boy. back in the old days.  I’m too tired to be horibliikty absutd.  If I don’t; watch I will play Chopin, if only Shadria was able ot come…she sight reads I would ‘magine, she plays so buetigully, that it breaks your heat. and If if there were a coupli of closet Mike Mucus’es in the lead guitar trick area. have we got a deal for you.


Sorry, I’m real tired.  got to sleep, maybe.  drink lots of liquids, we’ll give yhe a tea bag ter suck on later.


 Abbitt Sauer (AKA) KayBunea   luck be wit jeh, yee who’d more than erned it.  I

Wisdom with out Age; made this up in my "yout', before…

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

the mierde hit the fan, as it tends to do.

              Lackluster Thought buster

If you took every thing you knew and divided it by two,

you’d be on to what you knew, wouldn’t you?

But if Time was like a clock, and was measured glued and locked,

would you sit around and watch?