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16. Say, What Ever Happened to Betty Jane, (er) the Doll:

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Although Betty Jane had had a troubled and lengthy childhood (that would be 63 years), I am thinking shes not long for this world. She must have had a stroke which left her paralysed: It was sad, yet every one and thing faces the end when the road is blocked, the clock has stopped and they no longer walk.
She has taken to spewing out strange and obscene comments from time to time, and it is hard to tell if that’s due to brain damage or she just likes to hold a grudge and be nasty. The bit with the postal service was hard on her self confidence and she started complaining that her rubber band was fixing to unsnap. It certainly was loose, no question about that. But Betty Jane was a Christian Scientist. Problem there was she was also an atheist too.
She wouldn’t let me take her to the Doll hospital cause ‘they don’t under stand her accent.’

She started cursing and calling me names when I tried to take her picture, so I’ll remember her from my real childhood as the Doll who was my true best friend. She said she was tired of watching the birds with Elmo…and just wanted to sit around. Her Head hangs strangely to the side. But she still has that little all-knowing smile.

Betty Jane